Non-501c3 Ministries

The 501.C.3 and related tax-exempt provisions, are bad for the Church and any Christian Ministry. For all of the good intentions meant to promote the Good News, are instead redirected under the power and control of the government. These I.R.S. tax codes were created in 1954. They have a carrot stick effect that leads Christian organizations to think and act like corporations, rather than Godly inspired assemblies willing to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We must remain steadfast to serving God, and not Mammon. Didn’t Yeshua (Jesus Christ) warns about this according to Mark 10:17-27 “Are we blind and deaf that it is about the money and power of control?”

Ask yourself, what are we to do?  Ask the Holy Spirit what action we should take, and how to proceed. Otherwise all these good ministries are walking on egg shells concerning their own future.  How can you be a watchman on the wall, and warn others when you are being bribed by 30-pieces of silver of the 501C 3 schemes? We must be bold and break away from the shackles of control that government has built into our tax codes.

President Trump is working to return the power and decision making back to the Christian communities. We must do our part and get Congress to abolish these types of laws and regulations that hinders our religious freedom. We must strike now while we have the momentum. Any delays could result in the law being reenacted and threaten our religious freedom once again. Remember, the enemy is always ready to mount a counterattack when let our guard down.