Our Mission

The Nebraska Boots on the Ground Mission

Nebraska’s Boots on the Ground mission is to reclaim Nebraska and our Country to reestablish itself as One Nation under God. To promote the rights, and freedom of the Judeo Christians according our biblical roots. To teach the next generation how to maintain and hold onto all that we have fought so bravely for. That the United States of America’s Constitution, and Bill of Rights are re-enforced to protect all of our rights as a free people. To protect lives at all stages, especially the child within the womb. That as a people of this land, that we humble themselves, repent of our sins, and seek God’s face and live our lives to serving God Will through his Holy Word.

The Warrior Team

We are a team that intercedes and battles in the Spirit to over throw the army of darkness and expose it evil plots and plans. We claim that we are One Nation Under God. We claim protection of the armor of God in our daily battles with the enemy. Using God’s Word as a sword in battle, we strike at the enemies’ strongholds to take back this land, and reinforce God’s Kingdom here on earth. As we pray and act in agreement to take back the ground that we freely gave up and then hold it at all cost. Jesus is our means of Salvation & establishing the Kingdom of God here on earth. The Holy Spirit is our guide and director in all we pray and intercede for!

Our Prayer Focus

  • To restore the freedoms and rights outlined in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution for Nebraska and our Nation.
  1. That the government at all levels serve the people, not the people serving the government.
  2. That the powers of government are re-balanced back to the people, and all the state and local governments across this nation.
  3. That the three branches of government (Executive, Legislative & Judicial) become corruption free and operate within the boundaries of the law to serve true justice according to God’s Will.
  • Promote law and order to protect the people of Nebraska, and our Nation.
  1. To pray for the safety and support of our military, and police forces.
  2. To pray for wise and righteous men and women to fill the ranks to enforce laws and decrees that honor God.
  3. To restore the integrity and wisdom to the judicial and court system to uphold the Constitution and Bill of Rights and protect our people from injustice. 
  • To train the next generation to carry on the banner of Jesus Christ and enables God’s Will for Nebraska and our Nation.
  1. To take back the education system that honors God, the family and Country.
  2. To train the current and future generations to take the fight to the forces of evil, and hold the ground gained at all cost. 
  3. Teach the future generations to arm themselves with the amour of God, and live victorious lives in Jesus Christ.

    Our Prayer Guidelines

    1. A call to Repentance, seeking God’s face, and his Will with humble contrite hearts. We intercede for Nebraska’s and America’s needs and challenges.
    2. Simple heart led prayer of each team member in Unity and Agreement with one another.
    3. Purpose of covering our nation by the Blood of Jesus Christ & seeking Wisdom.